Color Run

Emma showing her support
Months ago Kari got me and Britt on board for the color run. This isn't my kind of thing with all the gimmicks, but I was excited to run with her so I was all in.

Then she got knocked up and dropped out. Thanks a lot Kari.

Brittany was on the fence about running it and I decided that if she didn't run, then I would drop out since it's not my idea of a "fun" run.

Anyway, the night before the race Britt called to ask about packet pick up, so the race was back on.
I wasn't too thrilled about the color part or all of the walkers I anticipated we would encounter, BUT the fact that this was Brittany's first race ever did get me pumped. 

Brittany & Me before

Cole, being the presh husband that he is, picked me up so he could drop us off early for packet pickup. We got our numbers pinned on, bought sunglasses to protect our eyes from the color (best purchase ever) and waited an eternity for it to start.

I was committed to keeping whatever pace Brittany wanted so that we would finish together. And if she wanted a walk break I was more than ready to yell at motivate her. That's what friends are for!

We start off strong dodging walkers left and right, fell into a nice pace, and encountered our first color zone - blue.  To be completely honest, it was a little frightening. The color was so dense we could hardly see and it felt like chaos. I was annoyed that the color throwers were standing scattered on the road, and not just along the sides of it. So yes, I ran into one of them.

The other color zones weren't as bad.

At one point Britt and I passed a couple of girls talking about how they think that everyone needs to enjoy the experience so they don't know why people are trying to run it. I don't know if they heard me, but as I passed I said "Some people enjoy the running part because IT IS part of the experience."

We finished in a little over 30 min. I was so proud of Brittany for not stopping and completing her first 5k!

Will I ever do a color run again? Absolutely not. It's just not my thing.
Will I ever do a regular race with Brittany again? Absolutely yes.

Brittany and Me After

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