First Workout Of 2013

My last workout of the year was a bodyjam class on December 22. I took a week and a half off because I was on Christmas vacation and I knew it would be the perfect time to give my glute a break so hopefully it would continue to heal - that mess has been going on for far too long! And my knee had started giving me problems the previous week, which caused me to sit out of my Santa Dash 1/2 marathon. That was a sad day for me, but I'm trying to be smarter and listen to my body when it hurts instead of telling it to stop being a little bitch and give me more.

I was really missing Quality Life Fitness and was dying for January 2nd so I could get my workout on! NYE I even dreamed about the gym. It started out with some good cardio and then someone tried to come in between me and my gym love. It was a nightmare.

Anyway, I hit up BodyPump for my first workout of the year. I was so excite! And it was good to see my gym friends Warren, Katie, Katie (crap, now I'm starting to doubt that I know her name correctly), and Bryan.

It was hard. Like IthoughtImighthyperventilateorpassout hard. But it was good. Soooo good! The endorphin high was intoxicating. I was planning on doing extra weights after class, but my back was feeling like a shady B in the muscle that I strained last year, so I opted for responsibility and went home...after stopping at the grocery store for lunch meat and Oreo's.

The next day I was so sore that I wanted to lay on my desk and not move, but it was so satisfying. I love going up in weight. I'm going to try and focus on strength this year...especially since I plan on dirty dance lifting Jess by December 31st.

In conclusion: My workout was awesome. I win. At life. The end.

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