The Day Kara Almost Killed Our Friendship

As if her lack of HP knowledge wasn't enough, she didn't stop there.

We had our annual donut date set for 9:30a since she doesn't have an internal alarm set as early as mine. She refers to mine as "blue hair hour." Kara also hates old people.

I had nightmares that night and forced myself awake, but the sun wasn't up yet. Crap. So I risked the dreams that would be waiting for me, and snoozed for a while longer. Friendship sacrifice. At 8:30a I was wide awake trying to be quiet and wait for Kara's 9a alarm.

FINALLY it went off. I was starving.

I forget (and apparently Kara does too) that Kara moves at a slower pace when getting ready, so we didn't leave her house until about 10. Luckily none of the girls could make breakfast so they weren't waiting on us (but I do wish they could have made it).

We roledl up to DS (donut stop) and they are basically out of everything. They had less than a dozen donut holes (Kara's main jam) and the 2 cherry donuts did not look like they were still warm. So I told Kara that we were headed to Amarillo to see if they had a better selection.

I let her know that I was kind of peeved because this is my fave thing in the world. I could go without any other food for the rest of my life (nutrition set aside) except for donut stop. I know I'm crazy, just go with it.

It was a post Christmas miracle that the Amarillo location actually had a plethora AND they were warm.

Friendship redemption.

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