Awesome & Awkward Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm on an endorphin high after cycling, the weather is great, I had fruit loops for breakfast (not as good I remember), and I made it to work on time; today is going to be a great day! (knock on wood). Tonight I'm taking a lap dance class, then hitting up dinner and a movie. See? great day.

 Now let's link up with Lauren and talk about this last week.

  • Pole is back in session!
  • Body Jam with Jess was a blast! I'm not going to be surprised if she throws a bow to my face because I mess with her a lot when we dance.
  • I had a catch up phone sesh with Lindsey. I can't believe she could be a mom in two weeks! eek! Which also means I need to book my flight to go see her!
  • Got my girl scout order in!

  • When the Doctor asked me how many brothers I had...I panicked and said 1. Then realized I kind of lied. Then almost cried because it doesn't usually get that real. (I'm aware and all, but, umm, yeah).
  • Then I proceeded to have messed up dreams about murder that night and trying to save both of my brothers. Great! Despite that being that night that I slept the most, I did not look well rested in the morning.
  • As a guy at Wal-mart walked passed me he told me I was beautiful. My response? "Stranger danger." I"m not sure if he heard me. My social skills are obviously lacking, but this was also the ghetto wal-mart. Let's not even question that I live near the ghetto Wal-mart. I swear my gated community is safe. And I have a pinata stick if anyone tries to break in.
  • My Doctor also told me that I can't run for 4-6 weeks due to IT band issues. I actually did cry when she said that. WHHHHYYYYYYYYY???????


  1. I know how you felt with the brother question. There has been trainings and classes that they go around and ask people how many kids they have, I still don't know how to answer that. I have 3, but one is in heaven. But I can't say that and not break down. Dang, I never thought I would be the mom that lost a child. I ran into one of Andrew's elementary classmates at a wedding. They said aren't you Andrew's mom, I am so and so's mom. I thought I recognized you. I wonder if they knew Andrew was dead. Another time I ran into one of Andrew's first soccer coaches that I assisted in coaching, he came up to me. We talked, but I don't think he knew Andrew was dead. I don't want anyone to not talk to me, it was just an odd situation. I did get a message sent to me from Mrs. Shepard, your and Andrew's 5th grade teacher. Telling me how wonderful Andrew was and so sorry for my loss. That meant a lot to me.
    Jessica all of this just makes me want to see you more often. I love you and miss you, and Marshall misses you.

  2. Girl Scout cookies............YESSSSS!

    Wal-Mart dude. WHY!??? WHYYYY do dudes DO THIS?!?!?!!

  3. Anonymous10.2.13

    Hi miss you, I sort of had that question a few days ago. How many grandchildren do you have? It took me by suprise, I just didn't realize how bad it was going to hurt. I answered 5. I will always have five, you all are so very special.
    love you

  4. Stranger danger that's awesome! And um yea I can email you my address anytime to send me some cookies ha! Love those darn things!

  5. A pinata stick? That made me smile... everyone needs one of those by their bed!