Oh Fork.

Emma chewing on my necklace. What a doll.

I love spending part of my weekends with Cole, Brittany, and Emma.

Emma is about 18 months now, and she is more and more fun every time I see her.

I do miss her being baby sized so I could just hold her for hours, but she's still little enough that I can hold her if she likes it or not. Luckily this was a day when she liked it.

It's been interesting watching her learn to talk. And really amusing when her works come out sounding like something else.

  • Clock was cock
  • Fork comes out more like fuck
At dinner she dropped/threw her fork on the ground and said "oh, fork." But it obviously sounded like something else. So of course we had her say fork a few more times to entertain us.

She's also pretty smart, with the exception of her confusion of black and brown. It's surprising how much fun it is to draw shapes, numbers, and letters to have her identify them. She can even identify an octagon. 

So far mine and Emma's fave things to do are (because she totally told me when I asked):

  • Dance around the living room. Sometimes she even let's me hold her and twirl (once she stops fighting it).
  • hold her above my head so she can pretend to fly...but then realize it's more fun to walk on my face and then use my torso as a trampoline. This is all fun and games until she gets too big and cracks my ribs.
  • Chew on my necklace...and sometimes attempt my finger.
  • Let me feed her with her fork when she's having trouble using it.
  • Drawing shapes and letters so she can show me how smart she is
  • Making balls with play dough, just so she can smash them and have me re ball it.

After Emma goes to bed, then we have some adult fun. Which usually includes trips to Target, Ohh La La Bakery, and a round of Harry Potter Scene it?
Yes, this was all for me. I did end up sharing half of the large cupcake.

I won! Beating Cole and Brittany was a pretty sweet victory. I then ran around the living room with my arms up pretending I was on a hippogriff. It.was.awesome.

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