New Release!

The last release was in October, but I missed the party because my dearest friend Lindsey was getting married. Not a bad trade off, but it did make the anticipation for this release even greater than it typically would be!

As fate would have it they scheduled Jam to kick off release weekend on Thursday night. This was perfect since I was leaving for New York early Friday morning.

Me, Stacey, and Jess
I was so excited when I got to the gym. It was decorated with balloons & streamers, and a lot of people showed up for it so the room was full of energy and excitement.

Jess, Warren, and I showed some front row love and just happened to be wearing matching clothes aka "front row uniform."

Jess, Me, and Warren: Front Row Mafia

The new moves were pretty good and had a lot of good songs by Usher, Biebs, and Tiesto. I was in dance heaven. Not that I was good at it or anything, but I still love to dance a fool and have fun!

After it was over a group of us celebrated with brownies that I made for the occasion.

I loved watching Amanda eat them. There was a moment when I thought she might rub them all over her face. haha. But seriously, it's nice to know I'm not the only one with an appetite for sweets.

We earned them.

So naturally, when I got home I downloaded all of the songs so I can now have body jam session while hanging out at home. Intervention needed? maybe.


  1. Send me a list of the songs! <3

  2. Anonymous1.3.13

    Hey. Jess. Please put a time stamp on these things since you are behind. Thanks.

    Sincerely Yours,