Pole R.5

This was a really good week for me, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I haven't been enjoying the journey as much as I did before, and after having a few craptastic lessons I was thinking my time as a poler might be coming to an end. BUT this week bought me more time because I really enjoyed myself.

We did fore arm climbs. Climb, but your lower arm will have the forearm pressed to the pole for support, push with that arm, pull with the other, while crunching so your lower body moves up the pole, and switch arms. I did pretty well on the first try (I tend to over think hand position and my body forgets how to move) and Jackie even acknowledged my success.

Then we worked on mounting the pole by lifting our legs simultaneously into toe touch before placing them on the pole. It def gives it a better look.

Our big trick was the layback. You basically...layback. You start in the superwoman where you are practically parallel to the floor, except you hold the pole just a smidge above your thighs, lay back, and grip the pole below you to create a bracing triangle, release the upper hand, and arch your back. Once comfortable (your head will be below your feet) you can release the hold with your lower hands and only grip with your legs. Oh, and don't forget to keep your ankles crossed to help with the thigh grip. I kept forgetting about that (I know, right? Like do I wanna die?) and would have just my toes crossed.

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