Baby Shower Brunch

Mandy is the first member of the OG Recipe Club group to have a baby. She makes one super adorable pregnant person, and I'm sure that she'll make a great mom because she is one of the sweetest girls I know. 

Some of the girls threw her a baby shower brunch and it was so much fun! I was glad to see some of my best girls, celebrate baby Madison's impending arrival, make some headbands, eat countless bites of B's pinwheels, and enjoy Amanda's bad ass dessert table! Girl knows how to hit my sweet tooth in all the right spots!

I actually managed to snap some pics...but not one with the future momma. Yeah, I kind of cocked that one up.
Me and Mandy. Red Raiders fo life.
BJ House lives.
Noah's Arc: Mandy, Jess, Amanda, & me.
Enjoying our first desserts. Amanda really killed it...just like she did my sweets self control. 
Me & Amanda
Amanda, Me, Mandy
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