Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was a huge win compared to the last. I only cried once, and it was because of Vampire Diaries. Way better than the shit show that was April 22-26. Can someone please compel me to forget about that?

Linking up with Lauren for my weekly happs.


  • Halfway point until I Steve will be here! 3.more.weeks.
  • Nick Miller finally maned up! Great New Girl ep after their rando schedule these last few weeks.
  • Jam release last week. so naturally  Jess, Warren, & I had some #frontrowdomination. AND Jess loves it so much that she's been jamming with me every chance she gets!
  • Jess + Me + Warren
  • Laura drank the #hastagkoolaid and we had our first # email convo.
  • "Jam is a place where you check your morals at the door."
  • I got to have a sleep over with Jess and Steven!


  • Andriod baby. That's all I will say, and I've probably said too much.
  • I really wish that Vampire Diaries wouldn't release pics of future episodes. Matt's neck being snapped is not that big of a deal when I just saw a picture of him at graduation in the season finale.
  • The original Red Dawn. What was that? Terrible, that's what. I feel asleep all three times that I tried to watch it. The remake was at least 100 times better. At least!
  • I almost had to kick Steve out of book club for over achieving. 
  • I keep managing to punch myself in the head during the Beiber song at Jam. ugh.


  1. Anonymous3.5.13

    Hey girl! Have a great weekend!
    stop by some time

  2. Anonymous4.5.13

    Original Red Dawn- terrible, I say not!! But you had to watch it during the year it was released to catch it at it's greatest! It was moving! I will be amazed if the remake is better. Look at the remake of Footloose, it is like remaking Grease and trying to replace John Travolta! Who would dare do that??

  3. Steve is overachieving in book club!!? Come on!