Pole R.8

The last week = performance week.

Remember how my hip decided to be a grandma and was catching in the socket when it rotated side to side? I went to the chiropractor after dealing with that for 6 days. I hate nothing more than having my hips worked on the chiropractor. Having pressure applied on the joint while I'm forced to rotate it is not my idea of a good time. And I'm pretty sure I'm now internally bruised. Anyway, we worked on that, and when I mentioned my knee issues he also did some work on my ankles and knees. We'll see if that helped when I attempt my next run.

Anyway, my hip feels better, but it's still catching a bit. I know that this severely handicaps my performance that did include a lot of hip work...so I'm skipping the performance.

I considered going to watch the girls, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm being a baby about my hip and then I'll feel peer pressured to prove that I'm not a baby, so I'd perform, do a bad job, and injury it further. So instead I'm skipping and will be at QLF.

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