Awesome & Awkward Friday

FRIDAYYYYYYY! Is here. What a wonderful week. Knocked out some good workouts. Ate less sweets than usual. Missed spin both days because I couldn't manage to get out of bed before 6:30 :( But got in a run. Steve is here in two weeks!

Linking up with Lauren to share the highlights!
  • Soooooooooooo, I got Justin Timberlake tickets! 

  • I showed Steve how to add emojis to his phone. And then he tried to mash them up with hastaging. #fail
  • Made this:
  • I read ahead 4 chapters (aka finished the book). Steve promptly kicked me out of book club. Who does he think he is? AND as punishment? He refuses to finish it so we can discuss all of my negative feelings about Daisy. 
  • TVD: Seriously, can we just turn Matt into a vampire? I'm so over watching him get hurt and worrying if he's going to get killed off! I have way too many emotions linked to this show, and this is just making it worse! Can't wait for the season finale next week.


  1. Visiting from Lauren's H54F -- the name of your blog made me laugh :)


  2. Visiting from High Five for Friday. I'd like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at thejennyevolution.com. And who knows, you may just get featured next week.


  3. That is a gorgeous looking bundt cake. YUUUMMM!