Snap Backs and Tattoos

Happy Bday B!

Back in April B has ventured into her 27th year. I'm glad she's able to test the waters a few months before I have to jump in!

We celebrated with a pub crawl: snap backs and tattoos were not optional.

I showed up after the party had already kicked off (I had a lot of errands to run that day) and without my snap back. Yeah, totally forgot to write that down on the errand list.

I caught up with the group at Little J's - a small bar off of Washington. B supplied the tattoo's and I got inked up. The weather was perfect so we spent most of our time on the patio hula hooping and playing Jenga.

Steady Hands Holly
After a few hours we moved to the next spot: Luke's Ice House. I really wish I would have ordered food here, but didn't think about it until B was ready to move to the next spot.

Ashley, Me, Brandon
Kat got B an awesome disposable camera that added birthday boarders.
Ashley, Taffan, Me, & Bob
I assisted B in walking the two blocks to Brixx (which I always thought was spelt Bricks) and bought us dinner. Something super healthy and classy like hot dogs, fried pickles, and mozzarella sticks with tons of water. The food options were limited, and not tasty at all.
Dinner...seriously not tasty

I suggested that we head to the tattoo parlor to comemortae the day, but B wasn't on board.
Ashley, Bob, Me, Taffs, B
I hung out all afternoon and decided to call it a night around 7:30...because I'm kind of lame.
Ashley, Me, Taffy, B

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  1. That is an impressive Jenga set! I need that for inside recess.


    No I don't.

  2. i am so glad that you came! :)