Maroon 5

My first concert of 2013, and it was a good one...except for the opening acts. Owl City and Neon Trees? I don't hate, but I could have done without.

B and I had bought out tickets months ago, and as the concert got closer she lost interest and sold hers on craigslist. Should we be concerned that I didn't mind going alone? Antisocial behavior much?

Aside from looking awkward for being alone (yes, someone actually asked me if I was there by myself), it wasn't all bad. I think I just found my permanent concert partner: me! This could be great since we like all of the same music.

What is there to say about Maroon 5?

I figure that about covers it.

He was wearing a smidge more clothes during the concert.

I loved the simplicity of the stage, and the use of the screens and lights.

And they sounded soo good live! There is nothing more disappointing than the entertainer sounding different, in a bad way, than their CD.

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  1. OHHHHHH! FUNNNN! I'm going in August.........and my love Kelly Clarkson is opening.