Awesome & Awkward Friday

What a wonderful week! (that might be a lie, I can hardly remember most of the days because I've been so busy) But I feel happy now, so I figure things must have gone well!

Linking up with Lauren to discuss.

  •  I finally remembered to pick some of this up...and I love it!

  • Running is finally going well. After weeks of no pain, I was finally able to work in more than one run. Working on rebuilding a base so I can rock some winter races!
  • I practically spent the week in Mystic Falls. One of my fave things is sharing my fave things with others, and them liking it! Since I was able to recruit a more "believers" I celebrated by re watching Vampire Diaries season 1 this week.
  • TVD season finale last night? INSANE! So many emotions! I can't wait for my fellow watchers to get caught up so I can discuss...since that will take a while there is a good chance I'll share my thoughts here in blog land.
  • Beyonce cancelled a concert due to exhaustion (code word pregnancy). I started to worry that she would cancel the Houston show...and then I remembered that I wasn't able to get tickets. #fail
  • And how could I go without mentioning how excited I am to see Steve next week!!!!

  • Just because it makes me laugh:

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