Meet The Parents

Steve met us at Ruby Tequila's for dinner. (I miss you so much Ruby!) Of course it was successful and my mother loves Steve. How could she not?

The next day Steve forced me out of bed around 6am. I was a little irritated because I wanted more sleep. BUT it was my idea to get donuts super early so they would be super fresh...I changed my mind when the alarm went off, but he wasn't having it. I was a little grumpy until I had my first bite of cherry donut.

The donuts were as good as I remembered, almost better. Steve did give me a few weird looks when he caught me whispering sweet nothings to them.

We spent the rest of the morning sleeping, getting ready, and doing pull ups. errr...attempting, in my case. Steve gave me the resistance bands to help. He included a disclaimer about not getting off of the bands too fast otherwise you'll end up whipping yourself. No problem! So I attempted, couldn't get past 90*, lowered, forgot about the bands and stepped off quickly. OMG. This was the most frightening things I've experienced this year! The band whipped the back of my legs, then managed to get wound up in my hair. It hurt so bad! But was also hilarious. I was so afraid we'd have to cut my hair, it was sound tight up to my head on the bottom. Steve saved the day by untangling my hair before I requested scissors.

And before I knew it, it was time for Meet The Parents Round 2. His parents are fantastic. They are really nice and gave further proof that I'm working with a good gene pool. Overall, it went well (despite my clamming up - nervous habit) and Steve said they liked me. #win

Next we headed over to hang out with Lindsey, Patrick, and meet baby Orion. I held him while he slept. He is so sweet and cute! I can't wait to see him again in a few months.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting snow cones at Bahama Bucks, renting movies at Hastings, me managing to bust my face on a shelf while picking up a DVD, eating Sushi, and falling asleep to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That movie was surprisingly good - I had to re watch it the next morning.

Sunday was very low key since I had an early afternoon flight. I was so sad to go, and it didn't help that my flight was delayed so I was just sitting in Amarillo, but unable to see Steve.
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