Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was on turbo speed. And I'm pretty sure that today is the most challenging day I've had in a month. Challenge accepted.

Linking up with Lauren.

THis is only here becase 1. I don't have any pics to suppliment the post with, and 2. I would love to be baking with Bieber.

  • Steve will be here tonight!
  • I learned some cool new pole tricks thanks to Kelly & Tiffany's classes.
  • 3 day weekend
  • I discovered that I'm finally ready to love cottage cheese - and it's delish!
  • I ended up in line behind a couponer. Who the efff needs 15 bottles of shampoo and 20 mini hand sanitizers? Are you really that dirty? Or am I that dirty because I'm not buying as much? And can you please give the people joining the line warning.
  • Those new pole moves I learned? Yeah, Put a big of a strain on my back. Everything hurt when I got home Tuesday night. Even laying down. It's better, but still giving me flashbacks to the back fiasco of 2012, so I've been taking it easy this week.
  • After having a two season Vampire Diaries binge, I decided to take a week off and rejoin the real world. I'm 5 days TVD sober, and I'm suffering from massive withdraws!
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  1. No one ever needs that much hand sanitizer! And congrats on liking cottage cheese...I'm still not ready to like it. Have a great three day weekend!