Awesome & Awkward Friday: Rage Edition

Things bother me all the time. Daily. So today, we are going to discuss that today.

Linking up with Lauren for the weekly happs!
  • When people try to talk to you while you are on the phone with someone else. Especially when they ask you if you are on the phone, you say yes, then they proceed to talk to you. WTF.
  • Miley's new song. And the fact that I like it. I hate myself.
  • When you forget to thaw out chicken and now have nothing except veggies for lunch. It is far too hot in Houston to be walking anywhere to get lunch. Ugh. I die. (but really, I might!)
  • When all of the treadmills are empty, and yet someone gets on the one right next to me. Why you gotta be so close? And why are you taking a leisurely stroll?
  • When you start "Health Club" with Steve so you can't have sweets until Saturday but it's Friday morning and you are thinking about how you would consider shanking someone for a fresh glazed donut right now, but you don't want to show weakness.
  • When you finally cook brussel sprouts correctly and realize you have missing out on this deliciousness for so long!
  • When you get back from vacation and eatting like a crazy person so now you are retaining more water and fat then before you left. Ugh. 
What's making you rage this week?


  1. Brussel sprouts? Really??? Convince me.......post that recipe! Delicious??? Is this a prank?

  2. I love brussel sprouts, and I cooked them right for the first time a couple of months ago. I haven't looked back since. I stopped going to the gym and just use the elliptical in the garage- don't have to deal with the awkward treadmill anymore. I'm happy to have found your blog through H54F and I can't wait to follow future adventures!
    xo, Hima
    P.S. I just started a blog and joined the cool kids club. I'd love for you to swing by and leave me a comment with some feedback! Thank you so much.
    Hima Hearts