Sunday With Brittany & Emma

It's been about 4 weeks since I hung out with Brittany and Emma. 4 weeks is way too long!

I was afraid that Emma might have forgotten who I was during that time - I'm not sure how well the memory of an almost two year old holds up.

Even though she was standoffish (she was in a bit of a mood) she did remember me and said my name when I came in.

After she threw the most silent and slow motion fit I have ever seen, we ended up playing with her plastic animals, reading a book, coloring, and playing with her princess castle.

Emma was able to name a variety of animals with sounds and impressions included. Listening to her say "hippopotamus" was the cutest thing ever. That is until she requested to watch "Potter Harry."

She then had tons of food serving me fake food, and cutting up an apple...over, and over, and over again.
Loves cutting things, must be a mini Dexter in training.
She's loving saying no. So dinner time consisted of this conversation:

Emma: Jessica, No.
Me: Emma, No.
Emma: Jessica, No.
Me: Emma, No.

We went back and forth many times, then I tried to trick her into a "yes," but it didn't work out.

I feel like I'm getting glimpses into teenage Emma. Yikes!

And just because I didn't share these before....here are some pics from taking Emma to the park over a month ago. It was so much fun to watch her play. I did discover that even though Emma loves going down the slide together, my legs are a bit too long. But we had a blast!

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