Look Sexy On The Count Of Three

Remember  that time when I first started taking pole classes and they asked me why I was doing it and I said it was to uncover my inner sex kitten? (Or something similar, yet a little over the top?)

Well, I don't feel that I've mastered it. 

In my last level we would do exercises where we had to dance facing the mirror while flirting with ourselves. I would say that I'm a decent flirt, but it's more of a natural thing, not like "1,2,3, flirt!" I don't think I ooze sex appeal (which is fine), but when the opportunity for boudoir pictures at the studio came up, I figured "Why not?" 

I decided to wear what I typically wear for pole so that I wouldn't feel completely awkward prancing around in my underwear while a stranger plays paparazzi.

Funny thing: So I got my makeup done (figured a profesh would know what would show up best on film) and as I was leaving one of the ladies told me to have a good prom. Great. I look like a baby prostitute...emphasis on the baby part.

I showed up early to stretch (we did some stuff on the pole), warm up, and have some of this:
just a bit
Overall the experience was fantastic. Lindsey was fantastic! She did a great job directing me because, honestly, I think I really suck at photos, and I never know what to do with my face, or my body...much like in real life. Just ask anyone that's talked to me about how I can't seem to control my expressions.

I liked them so much that I may now have one of them framed on my nightstand. Yes, I am in love with myself - thanks for asking.

I figure I should share at least one, so here ya go!

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