Daddy Issues? I Swear I Don't Have Those.

But seriously, I don't.

Tuesday night gym bag:

Remember when I wrote about Pole La Teaz here and here?

Yeah. I decided it was time to commit to Pole Level 1 and my schedule agreed.

I tried to peer pressure Jess into it, but she had her blockers up.

Class was a little rough:
  1. I ran a speedy 4 miles right before class.
  2. because of that my shin splint areas were inflamed
  3. pole burn on my wrist and shin.
  4. bruises all over my calves.
  5. I need to work on my sex appeal.
  6. Upper body is sore today, but it burns so good!

Let's rewind...we started out with introductions:
Hi, I'm Jessica. I've taken some drop in and workshop classes so it was time to commit to this. Also I'm hoping to get skills to trap me a husband.

B said she thinks it's funny that I say crazy stuff when I'm by myself at places.

Then we warmed up and worked on strength for a sec by doing pole lifts/holds/whatevs. Basically you grab the pole and hold yourself up while keeping your arms at a 90degree angle. Please keep in mind that I do lift three times a week, but not my body weight. I knew this would be difficult, but the hardest part was fighting the urge to use my legs to hold me up.

Overall the class was pretty basic. We mainly focused on our sexy walk (needs work), 'stiring the pot' aka hip rolls (already mastered), and the basic fireman spin (nbd). I had a lot of fun, but I don't see any potential besties coming out of this. Oh well.

The next day my calvs were covered in bruises! I didn't even realize I had done damage to them! I had pole burn and some bruising on my shins as well --- totally expected because I hit it on the pole and pretty sure I kicked myself during a spin. Any my upper body was sore in a way that it hasn't been in a long time. I'm talking I don't even want to go to the bathroom because it takes too much work to unbutton my pants. But I do love the muscle burn!

Things I learned:
  • Run in the morning otherwise your legs will hate you and punish you every time they touch the pole.
  • If possible, sign up for the Thursday class for Pole 2 because the soreness really messes with your Wednesday BodyPump class.

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