Do You Know What I Hate Today, Other Than Everything?

Daniel was in Houston for a wedding shower so we hung out a bit. I had been starting way too many sentences with "Do you know what I hate today, other than everything?" so figured it wouldn't hurt to talk through my current and ongoing issues. He's actually gotten a lot better at giving advice and calming me down when things are bad. I guess he finally realized that "It'll work out" or "everything happens for a reason" are not acceptable responses when I am in crisis mode, unless you can explain how it'll work out, and what is that reason. It only took 6+ years for him to catch on. (slow much, D?)

He took me to lunch at RA. I think I even let him pick, but he knew what I really wanted, so that's where we went... (It would have been Ruby Tequila's but they closed the midtown location in the fall. I'm still heart broken over that.) Since we were at RA I asked if he had been reading my blog and saw the one about sushi making. I don't remember if he had, whatever, but he did mention that sometimes he reads it and he gets confused because he'll read about something that he's pretty sure I actually did weeks ago.

Yeah, I actually do that a lot. The reason is this: I love to write this stuff down and document my life/whatever it is I write about . BUT I’m not always in a writing mode. When I force it I can't hear my voice when I read it back and I hate that. It's like reading a strangers words. Then I'll get bit by the blog bug and have tons of things to write about, but I really don't want to post 5 longs posts in one day then go MIA for weeks. So I just write when I feel like it and schedule posts to go up every two days (usually). I know that's probably weird (but most things that I do are), I just hate when there is a blog that I’m reading and all of a sudden they go off the map for weeks! It drives me crazy! Do I think anyone reads this regularly other than me? Probably not. It just makes me feel better. Plus, since I subscribe to my own blog through Google Reader (narcissistic much?) I'm always delighted when I see a new post and I can reminisce about the good times…from a few weeks ago. Like today, I was pretty sure I had something scheduled, but I didn't know when or what it was going to be about. I kept checking back and it finally appeared! And it was the S'mores post. I loved reading it and reliving those memories from March. And now I'm thinking about either making s'mores bars (which would be a bad idea for my body) or seeing if S+J want to roast out!

ANYWAY, While we were on the blog topic D told me that one of his friends reads it and asked him if he knew that I sometimes wrote about him and made him sound like an ass. My response? Umm…but you are an ass. I mean, I like you, but let's be honest. If you are an active participant in my life, then you probably know why I would feel this way about Daniel (honestly, I don't know what all I've said about him on here, but it's all true!), if you aren't then you probably think I'm a terrible person. I'm not, promise.

BUT that doesn’t mean he's ALL bad, obviously because we still talk and hang out when he's in town. Even though we aren't dating we still have a close friendship of sorts and he's been there for me a lot when he was no longer obligated to be. He was there for me with the Andrew thing, he even came to the funeral which was probably awkward for him , due to the obvious funeral aspects , but also because although my family likes him as a person, they are less than pleased with him in the love interest area.

The moral of the story is: Daniel is a person that I love, but sometimes just love to hate.

OH, and sometimes he's funny (but not as funny as I am!). We were at CVS and I was looking at the magazines (he had already bought me Health...because I asked, he said no, so I put it on the counter with his stuff anyway. Yes, that did just happen.) and I asked if I could have another. He looked at me like I was cray. So I said, "what if I want the one with Jennifer Love Hewitt on there." He said maybe….anyway, he starts talking about how she's one of his favorites, but his second favorite is Jessica. I interrupt with "Aragon." He says, "Alba . Definitely Alba." I couldn't stop laughing. He totally baited me and I took it.

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